Innovative Changes to the Design of the Traditional Fireplace

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The Fireplace has a long history and the first known metal lined fireplace is said to have been invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1741. From then on, the design of fireplace has undergone considerable changes. Considering the concerns expressed by environmentalists on the harmful effects of wood used for burning, now, gas is being used as a fuel for the fireplace. This gas log fireplace installation has gained popularity because it is economical and will not harm the environment.

The magazine Bobvilla has posted a report written by Mery Kaufman highlighting the popularity of the fireplace. Kaufman points out that according to National Association of Home Builders, fireplaces occupy the second place, next to patios, poaches and decks.

Changes in the design:

Changes in the design of fireplaces are also attributed to the fast changes that have taken place in the design of modern houses. Further, apart from the environmental factors, even the scarcity of wood has necessitated the changes in the design of traditional fireplace. Considering from all these angles, the gas log fireplace installation has come as a viable alternative.

Type of wood in the gas log fireplace:

This gas log fireplace mimics the traditional fireplace both in design and the color of the flame. However, instead of wood, exclusively designed ceramic log is being used in the gas log fireplace installation. Apart from this, some of the manufacturers have also introduced heat resistant foam in the making of logs used in the gas log fireplace.

Affordable cost:

The gas log fire prices will not pinch your wallet. This is because the basic design of the fireplace undergoes minimal changes as compared to the traditional fireplace. Further, the traditional fireplace requires a larger chimney. But considerably smaller chimney is sufficient for the gas log fireplace. Apart from these, the fireplace uses gas which is much cheaper as compared to wood and electricity. Further, the log used in the gas log fireplace is also available at an affordable price tag. As a result, the operational cost of the gas log fireplace is also considerably economical.

Minimum maintenance:

Of course, every fireplace requires maintenance and this is true even in the case of esprit gas log fire range. But, in the case of gas log fireplace it is enough if you conduct a periodical inspection to remove the carbon shoots, if any. Except this, unlike the traditional fireplace the gas log fireplace does not require any other maintenance work. For more details please visit this site

Regulate the fire:

Further, it is very easy to operate the esprit gas log fire. The fireplace can be operated by just pushing a button and releasing the knob. With that, a beautiful flame will appear in the fireplace. As against the traditional fireplace, the gas log fireplace allows you to regulate the fire. In fact, you can regulate the fire by suitably operating the knob.

Types of gas log fireplaces:

For operational convenience, the designers have brought out gas log fireplaces in two formats namely ‘vented’ and vent-free’. Vented gas log is used for decorative purposes and it produces less heat and such fireplace requires a suitable chimney. But, vent-free gas log does not require chimney and can be installed in any part of the home.

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